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Advance Planning Technologies Mission

Our mission is to provide an affordable, intuitive and comprehensive internet based system that manages and communicates all the organizational and facility information to every occupant, service provider, manager and emergency personnel that the organization services and works with, in one simple application.

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Facility Manager MAPS™ (Facility Manager MAPS™) is an internet based facility and administrative management system that combines the power of a full database / GIS into a CAD floor plan.  This creates an “Interactive Floor Plan” of all of you organizations buildings using easy to understand picture ions to represent assets.  No more spending hours or days searching for information or documents or generating reports.  Everything can be stored in one centralized location.  Being Database driven, querying information can be pulled from a single building or on all of your buildings saving time and resources.

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Facility Manager WORKS™ is an internet based Work Order / Preventive Maintenance / Asset-Inventory program designed for any size enterprise.  Facility Manager WORKS™ can be integrated directly with our Facility Manager MAPS™ program or as a stand-alone program.  Both Facility Manager MAPS™ and Facility Manager WORKS™ come with an “Unlimited User License”.


Facility Manager MAPS™ (NetRequest™) is an all-inclusive application that communicates facility information effectively to every department and service provider.  By utilizing Facility Manager MAPS’s live CAD drawings, combined with photos of real asset items in the plans and clicking to access any information and hard-copy documentation for each item; it creates an intuitive and all-encompassing system.  Facility Manager MAPS™ is easy to use, enabling the user to communicate, share and provide two-way interaction with organizational departments (i.e. Administration, IT, Facilities, Health & Safety, Security, Secretaries, Maintenance, etc.), vendors, Fire & Police Departments and regulatory agencies to deliver and communicate actionable information for all.  And it’s LIVE, everyone sees the changes instantly.

Because  Facility Manager MAPS™ is a internet based application utilizing Java, SVG and SQL, we have the capability to expand its reach into areas previously managed by single-purpose applications.   We deliver the most comprehensive functionality, technology and support for the least cost.

In 1992, APT, Inc. changed the CAFM software industry with new technology, introducing the concept of data tightly integrated with CAD drawing objects.  For the first time, facility managers and other departments could control and manage building and grounds issues looking through the familiar window of floor, roof and site plans.  Relational data was available with the click of a mouse and information could be easily queried for sophisticated analysis and reports could be easily created.

Facility Manager MAPS™

    • All inclusive Internet Based system
    • Unlimited User Site License
    • Increased functionality at 1/5th the cost

    WHY the cost difference?  Facility Manager MAPS™ uses current technology allowing for easier and faster processing.   Check out the competitors bloated system requirements due to outdated technology and compatibility.  They try to capitalize on legacy systems and making them work with current technology trends… thus the reason for so many different systems and higher costs.


Competitor Systems:

    • Purchase Competitor Application –  to link in a database and associate it with only a few drawn elements
    • Purchase Database System  – to store information
    • Purchase CAD System –  to view and change drawings/floor plans and republish them to the web in static (picture) form
    • Purchase Web Publishing System  – to publish static information on the internet
    • Purchase Work Order/Preventive Maintenance System  – provided by a separate vendor for on-demand maintenance
    • Purchase Electronic Document System – provided by a separate vendor to store scanned blueprints, specifications, O&M manuals, warranties, etc.
    • Purchase Multiple User License – to give access to everyone who needs the information
    • This does not include the costs of having your floor plans, site plans, etc. drawn and made compatible with competitor’s system
    • Also, ask how they import and export your data

All of this requires an IT department to maintain and keep these systems working together efficiently and effectively; and then additional trained personnel to operate and manage each of these systems.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable to use one application for all of these functions in a simple, intuitive way… for everyone in and outside your organization?

APT, Inc. has taken facility management software to the next level with the release of Facility Manager MAPS™.  From within one application, managers have Internet access to live CAD facility floor plans, site plans, roof plans, electronic documents, blueprints, technical manuals, the ability to associate items and their respective data, and the ability to view and change building layouts and information all at the click of a mouse.

With our Account Manager, distribution of this information is easily customized to each user type.  We provide one application to consolidate all of these complex tasks and make it simple to use for everyone, no matter what their skill level or training is.



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Facility Manager WORKS™ is a completely customizable Work Order / Preventive Maintenance / Inventory System. Facility Manager WORKS™ can be run as a standalone internet based CMMS system or can be integrated with Facility Manager MAPS™ giving you the power and flexibility of a full CAFM and CMMS program all in one seamless application.

It doesn’t matter if you are working with  facilities of 10,000 s/f or 10 mil+ s/f, Facility Manager WORKS™ is designed to give you the flexibility to determine how much detail you want or need to track.

Because it is completely customizable, Facility Manager WORKS™ can be set up for multiple departments to use.  Different task routs can be set up so that an IT requests go to the the IT department, Maintenance Request to Maintenance, Grounds Request to Grounds, HR requests go to HR and so forth.

Our philosophy is to have Facility Manager WORKS™ conform to the the way your organization is structured and not the other way around.