Computer Maintenance Management System

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Preventive Maintenance
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Capital Planning

In today’s economy and tight budgets, being able to do accurate and fast planning is crucial in making sure that building space is being used to it’s capacity.  With NetRequest™ you have building information and history at your fingertips.  Conducting space planning, square footage usage, department planning or room usage reports, no longer needs to be out-sourced or just estimated.

NetRequest™ gives you the ability to accurately analyze your buildings from every angle.  Imagine being able to look at a roof plan or flooring plan and being able to instantly see when things were installed and what the estimated replacement cost would be with inflation factored in.  This is just some of the power of NetRequest™.


Capacity studies are often necessary as a foundation for expansion plans.  Graphics combined with powerful reports are the most effective presentation method to achieve your goals.  Look at an entire building or at selective rooms.  If you need to see what effect of changing the minimum or maximum capacity would be, NetRequest™ lets you look at your space in different “what if scenarios”.

Roof Plans

The NetRequest™ Roof Plan component is the visual element for tracking all roof and rooftop equipment related information. Age, condition and replacement schedule information can be tracked for each individual roof panel. Condition presentations can be augmented by links to actual digital photos of the problem area. Roof top components can be tracked for management functions including scheduled maintenance and asset reporting.

Flooring Information

Predicting future capital improvement and maintenance costs is a fundamental but often overlooked task.  Budget allocations are more easily directed to maintaining a high standard of facility condition if administrators have adequate time to set aside funding.  It is very common to experience large spikes in capital maintenance items, so dealing with them often requires years of planning to meet these very predictable needs.