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Color Coding and Layersets

Communicating complex information is much easier to comprehend if supported by graphical images and pictures. Departmental areas or floor covering types or roof sections or space usage are all common issues that are much easier to portray visually.

NetRequest™ provides an intuitive console to create color coded drawings by associating areas with database elements. No “coding” is required, just select the common data base element that describes an area, select a color from the color palette and give it a name; it’s that easy.

Layersets are combinations of layers needed to depict and manage an issue. Displaying floor coverings doesn’t require the presence of HVAC layers so NetRequest™ allows the user to select just the layers containing the relevant information and groups them into a “layerset”. Users can create any number of Layersets to communicate facility issues.

As shown below, a critical management function like Tornado Shelter Areas and Routes can be developed and visualized quickly; when maps are needed the appropriate Layerset is selected and its corresponding Color Code is automatically activated. Capacity information is stored in the NetRequest™ database, and displayed on its own layer. Once the printout is made the Layerset can be turned off; it’s out of sight but never out of your NetRequest™ system.