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Document Archiving

Blueprint Storage & Document Storage

All blueprints and hard-copy documents deteriorate over time. The possibility for loss or destruction is always present. It’s never convenient to travel to a document storage room to access facility information from blueprints and/or specification manuals.

NetRequest provides for one click access to facility documents! Once facility prints and documents are scanned, they can easily be uploaded to the NetRequest Document Archive; which provides secure access anytime, anywhere, in an electronic format.  With this format, your documents can be immediately e-mailed, shared and/or printed by others that you have allowed access too.

Essential maintenance manuals and support documents can be uploaded to the NetRequest database. The user can upload documents which may be specific to individual items, i.e. parts lists, O&M manuals, receipts, warranty papers inspection documents, etc.

Manuals and spec books are easily attached so you can pull them up at any time. No more guessing or trying to locate a physical version, they’re easily loaded into NetRequest and always accessible, if permitted.

Document Archiving- Photos

You can show emergency shutoffs on a plan – but will an unfamiliar set of eyes know exactly where to look when they get to the Boiler Room?

NetRequestbrings the clarity of CAD but takes it a step further by using representational icons to indicate areas you’ve captured with photos and video. Icons are placed to indicate the vantage point, then uploaded files are “linked” to each respective icon.  All “Authorized” users will have access to the image or video since NetRequest stores the files in one central location; no more emailing large video files.

NetRequestsupports a wide range of common file types such as JPG, PDF, TIFF and MPEG, AVI, etc.