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Preventive Maintenance
Inventory-Asset Management

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Building Evacuation is very difficult to organize without good visual analysis. Written evacuation instructions often have conflicting routing plans and do not adequately consider bottlenecks that become clear with a graphical view. It is also very easy for fire safety authorities to review emergency plans when presented in this format.

Fire Alarm Zones

Annunciator panels don’t often display graphical information. Emergency responders and managers can instantly visualize the problem area by referencing NetRequest™ drawings, hard copies created from NetRequest™ plans or via the NetRequest™ Viewer.

Emergency Shutoffs

Emergency shutoffs are easily located within NetRequest™.  You are able to pull up detail diagrams, pictures or even video to show exactly where emergency vales are located and instructions for shutting them off.

When time is of the essence to save building property, you need to know exactly where shutoffs are and what to do.

Medical Equipment and First Aid Locations

Being able to locate emergency equipment when needed can be life saving.  With NetRequest™ equipment can be mapped out and also printed for posting so that it can easily be found in case of an emergency.

Safe Harbor / Tornado Shelters

This is an example of using shelter areas designated by letter rather than colored arrows when possible to direct occupants to the appropriate shelter area.

This method makes for a much less confusing map, a major consideration in time of emergency: