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HVAC Systems


The HVAC module tracks the location and details concerning HVAC equipment, including maintenance, warranty, location and tag numbers for linking to CMMS systems. The HVAC module also tracks information about periodic maintenance and regular parts replacement, including the capability to link to component records, schematics and manuals for procedures.

The HVAC module can be integrated with Building Control Packages that uses ODBC compliant software for activating alarms or generating reports. This module is also an integral part of air quality control and tracking. Air quality issues can often be resolved through review of flow analysis information stored within NetRequestâ„¢ in conjunction with utilizing the HVAC module to locate and troubleshoot components.

HVAC components include:

* Controls
* Duct Work
* Lines and Valves
* Rooftop Units
* Solar Units
* Typical Units
* Vents