Computer Maintenance Management System

Work Orders
Preventive Maintenance
Inventory-Asset Management


  • Work Order

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Asset/Inventory Management


NetTask™– is a standalone Internet based CMMS System

Maintenance / Assets / Asset Life Cycles / Inventory


– OR-

NetTask™ can be integrated with the graphical Internet based NetRequest™ – CAFM System

“Simple/Intuitive point and click visual management”



Advanced Planning Technologies, Inc. (APT) has been working with clients and their facilities since 1991.  Our experience has lead us to develop our own simplified software systems to match the needs of real life day-to-day operations in facility/site management.

Our vision for NetTask™ was clear; produce a Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that is easy, intuitive, flexible and can be integrated with graphical floor plans and assets (NetRequest™) for a simple point and click information source.  Thus creating a full facilities/site management system that allows you the ability to merge space information, square footage, asset locations, work order/preventive maintenance, etc… the whole CAFM system and a whole  CMMS  program as one clear and precise application that tells you the whole story of your facilities and sites.

NetTask can:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Allows for faster responses to work/repair request
  • Maintains management approval requirements and work order flow
  • Task employee work/repair time and costs
  • Schedule future preventive maintenance and ongoing maintenance requests
  • Control inventory and inventory notifications on low level thresholds
  • Notify workers of new work requests and tracks the status of work orders & PM’s
  • Completely customizable to be tailored to conform to the way your organization is set up
  • Able to track multiple department requests including IT/Help Desk requests.

Download a NetTask Brochure:

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NetTask™ is completely customizable.  Our philosophy is to have NetTask™ conform to the way that your organization is structured… not the other way around.

This flexibility allows you to track as much detail as you need or want.

If you need to do detailed tracking, reporting and cost assessments… you can.  The more details that you track in NetTask™  – the greater your ability to analyze the costs of maintaining your buildings.

If you just need a basic system without all of the detailed tracking… you can set it up using just the basic functionality knowing that you can always start adding more detailed tracking anytime with no additional costs.

Employee Requests:

When an employee needs to make a request to have work done, they log into NetTask™ via work request link that you load on your web site or through a direct link.

They are then sent to a Request screen that they can log a new request or view previous requests that they submitted.

Task Route Setting:

You have complete control over how you would like different Task Requests routed.  NetTask™ allows you to be able to set up different routing for different buildings, different types of requests, and different departments all can be customized.

When a request is sent, the administrator of the system can predefine the requestor’s location, department and type of task being requested, plus have it filtered straight to a specific employee and/or vendor.

The Route Settings allows you to choose a variety of routing scenario’s from the location, to a specific department (facilities, health & safety, IT, etc.) of that location and then by task type (Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, General Maintenance, Custodial, etc.) and then by Route Type (i.e. requests, work orders, preventative maintenance, etc.) and then selecting who it goes to and if a carbon copy should be sent to someone else also.

NetTask™ has the flexibility to conform to just about any routing scenario that is needed.

Detailed Tracking:

Because NetTask™ is completely database driven, you are able to customize and track to any level of detail.

Employee Information:

Vendor Information:

Inventory Tracking:

Information Filtering:

Customized Visualization (Color-Coding):

Information in Calendar format:

Calendar can be indexed by: Employee, Location, Department, Status, etc.

Cost Tracking:

Tailored Reporting Capabilities:

With NetTask™ you have the capability to monitor and control the work order requests for your facilities.  The customization to be able to track and report to the degree of information that is needed to see the history and costs of maintaining your equipment, assets and buildings.


For additional information or to schedule a NetTask™ demonstration contact:

Mark Kerrigan

Director of Sales & Marketing


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