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About Facility Manager MAPS™

Advanced Planning Technologies, Inc. combined the latest innovative programs (Java, SVG, PostgreSQL) used to create and display what is seen on the internet and developed an application that is truly web based and 100% flexible.

This application is our Facility Manager MAPS™ program.  It is the first Internet-Based organizational and facility management system designed and developed as a tool that can be used by any department, administrator, contractor, emergency response personnel, etc., in and outside of an organization.  Users can track everything from a campus/site plan to employees, physical assets, non-physical concepts like radon or asbestos, space planning and capacity/occupancy, emergency procedures and mechanical systems.

Facility Manager MAPS™ has the first ever built in CAD system that actually allows you to design, develop and produce your own building layouts/blueprints; once a change is made it is instantly visible to any Facility Manager MAPS user.  The ability to place real images of all your equipment, assets, employees, mechanical systems, etc. provides a level of visual understanding that everyone can relate to, understand and work with; it’s no longer proprietary to any one department, trade, employee or contractor.

Our PostgreSQL database completes a system that allows you to visually see anything in real time, including each asset’s specific location via Facility Manager MAPSs Location Intelligence, manufacturing and tracking information, regulatory compliance, MSDS and O&M Manuals, etc. All this information can be maintained, queried, displayed and reported on wherever there is internet access.

NetRequest™ is used to handle any issue relating to facilities – or beyond!

Some of the features of Facility Manager MAPS™ include:

• Multi-Level User Accounts • Photo-Realistic Image Library
• Internet-Based CAD • Reporting
• Document Archives • Secure Data Storage
• Color Coding and Layersets • Database Access Module

Facility Management with NetRequest™

In today’s economy administrators and facility managers deal with ongoing restraints and challenges. Some of the most common issues facing  managers today include:

  • Shrinking maintenance budgets
  • Resource constraints
  • Political priorities
  • Unfunded mandates
  • Distributed data and data disparities
  • Lost and/or unorganized documentation
  • Organizational stovepipes

The question for administrators and facility managers is how to prevail over these issues by better utilizing the resources on-hand, and how to convince leadership that achieving efficiencies and cost savings can be accomplished with investments in technology.  Facility Manager MAPS™ can enable administrators and facility managers to be more effective decision makers and provide for more effective management of facility information.

The benefits achieved by implementing Facility Manager MAPS™

Strategic Planning: Tasks include analysis of property and space to provide capital planning of new or remodel assets to improve the mission of the organization.  Facility Manager MAPS™ aids Facility Management in analyzing and determining space requirements, equipment locations, construction costs, environmental constraints, encroachments, and other crucial planning functions.

Space Inventory and Management: Facility Manager MAPS™ can define and calculate space attributes and data elements as well as the physical asset inventories of an organization including analysis of space dimensions, classifications and utilization, hazardous material locations, lead, radon and asbestos locations, evacuation routes, fire and emergency equipment locations, emergency shutoff locations and buildings attributes such as:

  • Age
  • Cost data
  • Life expectancy
  • Estimated replacement costs
  • Construction data
  • Contract and Warranty data
  • Blueprint, O&M manuals, parts lists
  • Photo, video, PDF, Word & Excel Documents
  • Building managers
  • Telephone numbers
  • Technology drops

Operation Management: Facility Manager MAPS™ can aid in tracking energy consumption, utilities monitoring, lighting management, janitorial, and grounds maintenance responsibilities and cost.

Maintenance and Repairs: Facility Manager MAPS™ allows for monitoring routine repairs and preventive maintenance operations in the facility. Safety conditions can be tracked and managed with historical data.

Assessments: Conditional Analysis typically includes building and assets condition inspections, condition reporting, security vulnerability and risk assessments. Facility Manager MAPS™ allows you to store this information to the specific asset for instant retrieval and historical tracking.

Space Forecasting:  Facility Manager MAPS™ gives you the ability to determine current space utilization and to project future space requirements based on department requirements. This includes the ability to manage the requirements for people, space, utilities, technology access, as well as the cost and move planning features.


Benefits of Facility Manager MAPS™ in Facility Management tasks can be organized into better asset management, cost reduction, cost avoidance, and information improvement. Typical benefits include the following:

  • More efficient space utilization to achieve cost savings.
  • Reduction in moving and relocation activities resulting in greatly reduced relocation costs.
  • Improvement in facilities management efficiencies.
  • Improved project planning leading to reductions in A&E, construction, and building maintenance costs.
  • Fast and accurate reporting on critical facilities information.
  • Existing processes will become more efficient and streamlined, using standardized data that is shared across the enterprise.
  • The Facility Manager MAPS™ gives facilities managers the tools necessary to become more proactive instead of reactive to facilities’ requirements and enabling better decision making.
  • Improve safety and environmental planning capabilities, reducing risk from accident and regulatory compliance violations.
  • Disaster planning capabilities are significantly improved to reduce the potential for human injury or death in a disaster as well as to improve those required for operational recovery.
  • Data standardization across the organization and the elimination of redundant information held by multiple organizations in various degrees of quality and accuracy.
  • Protection to static documents: Blueprints, O&M manuals, parts lists, receipts, warranties, photos, etc.


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About Facility Manager WORKS™

Facility Manager WORKS™ is a Work Order / Preventive Maintenance / Asset-Inventory Management system.

Our vision for Facility Manager WORKS™ was clear; produce a Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that is easy, intuitive, flexible and can be integrated with graphical floor plans and assets (Facility Manager MAPS™) for a simple point and click information source.  Thus creating a full facilities/site management system that allows you the ability to merge space information, square footage, asset locations, work order/preventive maintenance, etc… the whole CAFM system and a whole CMMS  program as one clear and precise application that tells you the whole story of your facilities and sites.

Facility Manager WORKS™ can be run as a standalone internet base Computer Maintenance Management System  (CMMS) or it can be integrated directly into our Facility Manager MAPSt™ system.  This duel application gives you the power and flexibility of having both a fulling interactive CAFM system and a complete CMMS system all in one.

Facility Manager WORKS™ is an All in One System!

With Facility Manager WORKS™ there are no modules to buy.  It’s an all inclusive program.  Even if you don’t need all of the applications at the start your needs can change and Facility Manager WORKS™ allows you to meet your needs as you grow.

Facility Manager WORKS™ is Customizable to Your Needs

It doesn’t matter if you need just a basic Work Order system or if you have hundreds of buildings to manage… Facility Manager WORKS™ can be configured to your situation.

Because Facility Manager WORKS™ is database driven, you are able to customize and track to any level of detail that you need.

This flexibility allows you to track as much detail as you need or want.

If you need to do detailed tracking, reporting and cost assessments… you can.  The more details that you track in Facility Manager WORKS™  – the greater your ability to analyze the costs of maintaining your buildings and equipment.

If you just need a basic system without all of the detailed tracking… you can set it up using just the basic functionality knowing that you can always start adding more detailed tracking anytime with no additional costs

Our Philosophy:

Have Facility Manager WORKS™ conform to the way your organization is structured…   

not the other way around.


With Facility Manager WORKS™ you are able to create and manage:

  • Work Orders – a onetime task initiated by a request
  • Preventive Maintenance Orders – regularly scheduled future tasks
  • Inspection Orders – regularly scheduled tasks needed to be completed for legal compliance
  • Assessment Orders – regularly scheduled tasks that are less time-sensitive
  • Asset Management – detailed tracking of assets and asset task history
  • Inventory Management – detailed tracking of inventory costs, levels, purchases, quotes, barcoding


Facility Manager WORKS™ can help you:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Allows for faster responses to work/repair request
  • Maintains management approval requirements and work order flow
  • Track employee work/repair time and costs
  • Schedule future preventive maintenance and ongoing maintenance requests
  • Control inventory and inventory notifications on low level thresholds
  • Notify workers of new word requests and tracks the status of work orders & PM’s
  • Completely customizable to be tailored to conform to the way your organization is set up
  • Able to track multiple department requests including IT requests.