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Secure Data Storage

We live in the information age, yet facility managers have been constrained to desktop software that restricts access to the information they need at their fingertips. NetRequest™ is a web based facility management system that is also “web native”; designed from the ground up to be utilized on a network or the Internet.  From detailed blueprint information to any issue or equipment specific data, it’s now available from anywhere in the organization.  Security is first rate with project name, user name and passwords restricting access to the NetRequest™ server.  Security certificates ensure you are looking at your data, not some phishing scheme.

In order to access your data you need the NetRequest™application, the hosting server URL, the project name, a user type classification, a user name and a password. Only the NetRequest™ application resides on the client machine, the rest are safely stored on the hosting server behind a tight firewall.