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No architectural or drafting background needed for NetRequest’s CAD use.

Imagine the possibilities of viewing, sharing, drawing and modifying your CAD drawings on-line. No more mailing or emailing drawing files back and forth or remembering which file is most current with the actual changes. With NetRequest, you can log-in anywhere you have a computer with internet access and make changes instantly; one source, one system, one interactive drawing.  That’s efficiency!

Keeping a building’s drawings up-to-date has always been time consuming, difficult and expensive; especially if you have to out-source the work that needs to be done.  Every time a building is changed because of remodeling or if an addition is added; the old CAD drawings and plans are now out dated and inaccurate.

NetRequest™ makes it easy and quick to keep your drawings current and you don’t need a CAD background either. With our simplified drawing features you can accurately make the changes needed. You can pre-plan and design conceptual layouts, remodeling and/or additions on your own and turn them on and off for different views.

Included in NetRequest™ is the power of a built-in SQL database. Tables can be easily attached to your changes or additions, giving you the full management, query and calculation of your facility data for new or existing areas.

Watch the short video above to see how simple and quickly a two room addition can be added to a building.  You can also view how data is associated and entered for elements in the drawing; and how the system can display any of the information stored in the database.